Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PDN Gear Guide MacBook Air Review

A few weeks back, I came across a review of the Apple MacBook Air laptop for photography. The review was done by David Schloss, technology editor for the Photo District News Gear Guide.

I found the review very interesting because the reviewer usually carries a MacBook Pro laptop just like I do. Because of the size and weight of the MacBook Pro, he tends not to carry a larger camera system. Instead, he carries the Canon Powershot G9. This is a great little camera and I will have more to say about it soon. When using the MacBook Air, he carried a Canon EOS 5D and four lenses. I am very interested in the MacBook Air myself because of the decrease in weight.

Most of the tasks I use my laptop for are perfect for the MacBook Air. The only other task, which I only rarely use a laptop for, is video editing. The MacBook Air is not really suited for video editing because of no FireWire ports and its limited storage. Otherwise, tasks such as email, photo editing, word processing, web browsing, accounting, and server management are all easily accomplished on the MacBook Air.

I am already using Western Digital Passport portable USB 2.0 hard drives and USB 2.0 SDHC card readers from Lexar and Sandisk which all work great with the MacBook Air. The reviewer really enjoyed using the laptop and intends to use one for traveling. I agree with his thoughts about how nice it would be to have more RAM. I am used to using 4 GB in my MacBook Pro and I would be very happy if the MacBook Air also had 4 GB of RAM. No computer is perfect and this one is no exception but I must say it is an exceptional computer. Go read the article and draw your own conclusions.

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