Sunday, February 04, 2007

Minimalist K10D Kit

I sometimes find that creativity is enhanced when you carry a very simple photographic kit. Having lots of lenses and other accessories can slow you down and cause you to wonder which lens to use too often. Limiting yourself can improve your creativity as well as lighten the load. Here is one minimalist kit that could come in handy.

2 x Pentax K10D Bodies with D-BG2 Battery Grips
SMC Pentax-DA 21/3.2 Limited Lens
SMC Pentax-DA 70/2.4 Limited Lens
Pentax AF540FGZ Flash with Omni-Bounce
2 x Lexar Pro 4 GB 133x SDHC Cards
4 x Lexar Pro 2 GB 133x SD Cards

This kit is light, yet versatile. I love all three of the Pentax Limited pancake lenses. These include the DA 21/3.2 Limited, DA 40/2.8 Limited, and DA 70/2.4 Limited lenses. I find that the 40mm focal length (60mm equivalent) is not that useful most of the time for my shooting habits. I use the 21mm (31.5mm equivalent) and 70mm (105mm equivalent) focal lengths much more frequently. This makes for a great kit because it is small, light, requires no lens changes, and is comprised of excellent lenses.

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Anonymous said...

I have these three also. Great for light travel.