Monday, August 28, 2006

Praying Mantis

Here are two shots of a praying mantis that one of my employees found at his house. They really are fascinating creates. Both shots were taken with the Pentax K100D and SMCP-A* 200mm Macro lens.

1/180s @ f/16; ISO 200; SR On; Flash

1/180s @ f/16; ISO 200; SR On; Flash

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pentax *ist D goes to Auction

My Pentax *ist D body that has served me faithfully for quite some time now is going to auction on eBay. I would love to keep it but now that I have the K100D and the 10MP body is on the horizon, there really isn't any reason to keep it around. It's been great while I've had it. I'm also starting to get rid of some other accessories I am not using. I also put a Pentax Release Timer Switch TS-110 for MZ-S cameras on eBay. Other things should follow shortly.