Monday, June 30, 2008

Nikon D700 Released

As reported by the Luminous Landscape, the Nikon D700 has been released. As expected, it also has a 12 MP FX format full-frame sensor like the D3. As stated at the Luminous Landscape:

The D700 camera is a direct competitor to the Canon 5D, which is due for a referb any day now. It differs from the D3 in some areas, such as 5 FPS instead of 8, though the addition of a battery grip raises it to 8 FPS, just as with the D3. One improvement over the D3 is the inclusion of dust removal by shaking the sensor, the same system as found in the D300. Nikon's top-of-the-line 51 point metering and 15 cross sensor AF is also found, as is a top ISO capability of ISO 25,000.

Apparently, it should be available near the end of July. U.S. pricing should be available tomorrow. This sounds like a camera very comparable to the D3 but a little cheaper. It seems like it is pretty similar to the D3 in most areas and might be a better choice for most professional and amateur photographers.

UPDATE: Rob Galbraith DPI has the best info on all of the details of the D700. It is available from his site. The selling price in the U.S. will be $2999.95 for the body only. DPReview also has a hands-on preview of the D700 available. Nikon Japan has posted a 24-page brochure for the D700.

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