Monday, May 12, 2008

Demanding Birds

Birds can be quite fascinating. Last week, my wife and I discovered a nest in a bush just off the front porch. There are three baby birds growing up quickly in the nest and two pesky parents flying in with food and back out for more. We are not sure what sort of birds they are but they appear to be a type of starling. If anyone recognizes these birds, please make a comment and let us know.

The mother bird, which we have come to call Star, is bringing in some more food for her offspring in this photo. This photo, and the rest in this post, were shot with the Pentax K20D, SMC-Pentax 400mm f/2.8 lens, and Pentax 2x-L teleconverter.

1/320s @ f/8; ISO 1600; SR On

The next three shots are various spots in some of the nearby trees where these birds tend to perch.

1/640s @ f/8; ISO 1600; SR On

1/1000s @ f/8; ISO 1600; SR On

1/250s @ f/8; ISO 1600; SR On

The male bird, which we now call Sunny, has very distinct beady little eyes that stare back at you.

1/400s @ f/8; ISO 1600; SR On

1/500s @ f/5.6; ISO 1600; SR On

I am surprised at how quickly these birds get used to my wife putting out some bread crumbs. She has been doing it since this past Thursday and the birds have already started to get used to it. The mother will fly up to the window and squawk until my wife puts more crumbs out. These birds are amazingly bold.

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