Sunday, July 01, 2007

Think Tank Photo Bags

I have been searching more better camera bags lately and I have come across some exceptional bags by Think Tank Photo. One, the Think Tank Airport International, was reviewed by Michael Reichmann. Next time I am planning on a major photographic trip, I think I will buy one of these bags.

While I think that rolling bags are excellent for some situations, I am really looking for a shoulder bag that is large enough to carry a decent two camera outfit as well as some lenses and possibly a 17 inch MacBook Pro. In that category, the Think Tank Urban Disguise series seems almost ideal. I plan on ordering the Urban Disguise 40 Urban Disguise 60 as soon as they are back in stock.

From past experience, in a traveling situation I find it best to carry a shoulder bag with my main camera gear and use a backpack for extra camera gear as well as my laptop and related accessories. When I went to Egypt I did the reverse. I carried a laptop shoulder bag and a Lowepro DryZone Rover for my camera gear. This was not a very efficient arrangement. I ended up using a Domke vest and just putting my extra lenses in the vest. It worked reasonably well but there were many times when having a shoulder bag for my camera gear would have been very nice.

On the subject of backpacks, I also have been looking at the Think Tank backpacks. After looking around at the different options, I decided to order the Think Tank Airport Ultralight. I chose this backpack because it fits inside a Pelican 1510 rolling hard case which I already own and use for my video equipment.

Once the Think Tank Airport Ultralight arrives, I will post pictures and my review of the item. In the future, I plan on posting reviews of my favorite bags with pictures and the reasons why I like the bags.

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