Sunday, July 29, 2007

From Camera to Print: First Thoughts

Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape fame has just released the new From Camera to Print video tutorial. This tutorial endeavors to take a photographer through the entire process of fine art printing. The tutorial consists of 6 hours 40 minutes of material and has so far been excellent. I have watched the first three segments out of a total of twenty four and I have been very impressed. This tutorial is a bargain at $34.95.

Although things have changed in the digital era, the final output medium of any serious fine art photographer is the print. The advent of not only digital photography but even more importantly digital printing has changed the landscape forever in the fine art printing industry. It is now possible to produce breathtaking prints easily from your home or office without having a darkroom.

I highly recommend this video tutorial. While I have been involved in photography for many years now, I have just started to get into printing my own photographs and this is exactly the tutorial I need. Take a look for yourself.

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