Friday, February 23, 2007

Still and Video Convergence

I frequent the Apple Pro section on their web site that shows how people are using Apple equipment and technology in their professions. Most of the Pro section deals with media of one type or another. A recent profile deals with the Washington Post and its online presence. While the clip itself is very interesting, it also shows how still photography and videography are integrated more and more often in our media-filled world of today.

In the sequence, there were a number of times where it seemed that five or six still shots were taken and then used something like multiple frames in a video. Interesting how this keeps happening. Another site that has great content is MediaStorm. This site focuses on using still images with music and narration added. I should warn you that some of the content is disturbing and explicit in showing the awful realities of life in some places but it is very powerful. The presentation on AIDS comes to mind. The best presentation on the site at this point is Kingsley's Crossing. There is no objectionable content in that presentation but it is extremely compelling. I highly recommend you go and take a look.

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