Saturday, February 10, 2007

Custom QR Plates for Pentax K10D

I just discovered last week that Kirk Photo has created some custom quick release plate for the Pentax K10D body. They make the PZ-33 for the K10D body only and the PZ-117 for K10D with D-BG2 battery grip.

Even better, Kirk Photo also now makes two L-brackets for the K10D. The BL-K10 is an L-bracket for body only while the BL-K10G is for the K10D body with D-BG2 battery grip.

Paired with a quick release ball head like the BH-1 or BH-3 from Kirk Photo, you can quickly mount your camera and lens onto your tripod. Using this setup allows incredible efficiency and flexibility as well as rock solid stability. This makes a huge difference when using a tripod!

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